Thursday, January 10, 2013

MayorsManor podcast - Tribute to David Courtney - by Mayors Manor

David Courtney with Stanley Cup LA KingsSometimes, things change forever. For many Kings fans, David Courtney was the only voice they'd ever heard announce a goal or a penalty. He had been with the organization for nearly 35 years, starting out doing odd jobs at the age of 14. Yet, for the better part of 25 years he'd been the PA Announcer - first at the Forum and eventually at Staples Center. Last Thursday was a rough day. Courtney passed away at the young age of 56, leaving behind the woman of his dreams - who he had only recently married - and a legion of fans that stretched across several professional sports franchises in Los Angeles. We did a full article on his passing here. Be sure to check out if you haven't already, as it includes several videos, his favorite quotes and much more. On Friday, we also did a special edition of the MayorsManor show - an entire episode dedicated to the memory of David Courtney. Joining us for the show were two people who knew him extremely well - Bob Miller (who shared many old stories from decades ago) and Dave Joseph of ESPN 710 (they worked together since 2001 and he was a mentor to Joseph, who would fill in for Courtney at various events when needed). Courtney will certainly be missed and Kings games will never be the same without him. Still, we hope you're able to enjoy this free replay of the show, as we look back at a great man... NOW AVAILABLE ON iTUNES

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